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The approach taken by the Hire Success System is that each person is a unique combination of all Four Personality Types.

USB devices have some choice of implemented modes, and USB version is not a reliable statement of implemented modes.

The higher the percentage, the "stronger", or more dominant that personality type.

When two or more personality types are close, or the same, in strength, the Applicant may be characteristic of each of the types equally.

Contesting the inaugural Brooklands Double Twelve race two months later, ' UL 8540' demonstrated an impressive turn of speed until suffering piston failure some six hours in.

Repaired using parts from the spare car, Driskell / Cutbill's mount made-up much lost ground on day two. In between times he had campaigned a BNC and engaged the services of Ralph Silva as an apprentice mechanic (the latter subsequently worked for first ERA and then Prince Bira alongside Stan Holgate).

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