Rj and jackie dating

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Bill is the previously unknown son of publishing magnate Bill Spencer, Sr.

They had never been close, but when the elder Spencer died in early 2009, Bill came to Los Angeles to carry out his father's last wish: to avenge his one true love, Stephanie Forrester, by destroying Eric Forrester and Forrester Creations.

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Jackie was just 19 and yet to graduate from college when they met up at a small town where they both had taken summer stage work.

Bill encouraged Stephanie, who had defected to rival fashion house, Jackie M Designs, to rant about the Logans in a damaging video blog.

Eric refused to sell Forrester to Bill, who blackmailed Eric with the knowledge that Eric had hired an illegal immigrant years ago.

But their partnership became such an institution that few people realised Newman had been married before - and that he had broken up the marriage in circumstances that did him little credit and about which he was ashamed for the rest of his life.

The name of his first wife was Jackie Witte, a tall, dark-eyed blonde, and, in the years just after World War II, an aspiring actor like him.

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